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The past six months has seen huge change within the Scottish Borders Tourism Partnership:
•    We’ve restructured and are now operated by the industry, for the ind500th member with Fiona Hyslopustry.
•    We have re-focused on bringing the local tourism sector together and helped develop a thriving industry through the work of MBTAG.
•    We have announced our 500th member.
•    We’ve met with Cabinet Secretaries, MPs and MSPs to make sure that Borders tourism is a major part of initiatives like the South of Scotland Enterprise Partnership and Borderlands.

We now have real momentum and this is an exciting time for the industry – and for all of us.

A new tourism strategy for the region
Over the next six months, we will be launching a new local tourism strategy and structure: defining our approach to growing the visitor economy and identifying how the SBTP operates with member businesses and other partners.

For an area with such extraordinary heritage, incredible landscapes, amazing accommodation and delicious food and drink, we think the untapped tourism potential of our region is huge.

We’re just an hour away from Edinburgh, one of the biggest tourist hotspots in the UK, yet not enough has been done to put the Borders on the national and international visitor map.

To this end, the SBTP has approached Tom Campbell and Professor John Lennon, the ground-breaking team behind the runaway success of North Coast 500, to deliver a new and innovative strategy for the region. It won’t be another road, but it will be compelling and unique!

What will the project involve?
The project seeks to create a unique positioning for the Borders, one that will enable it to compete with a growing list of competitor destinations catering to an increasingly sophisticated and discerning consumer. Tom Campbell and Professor Lennon believe that:

“The hospitality and tourism service model that worked in the past, and that delivered growth in the region, will have to be modified considerably if the Scottish Borders tourism industry is to continue to grow value and economic benefits of the coming decade.”

To do this, they will bring their unique blend of benchmarking, development, marketing and innovation to assist in building the competitive position of our potentially iconic region.

How will it be funded?
The project will be funded through a mix of private and public sector investment, which is why we are asking for your help. The private sector contribution will be key to unlocking public sector money, and the Scottish Borders Tourism Partnership will be using its own funds to help. But we are also asking all SBTP members for a donation of £10 or more towards the project. With over 500 members, that could contribute over £5,000 to the success of this initiative, and perhaps more crucially, it will demonstrate to funding bodies in the public sector that each and every one of us are committed to its success.
Scottish Borders Tourism Partnership Crowd Funding

We want to change the face of Borders tourism forever, and we are very serious about doing that. So please donate today. Because if you do, the Borders of tomorrow could start to look very different …......

If you would like to discuss further please contact Chairman Will Haegeland on 07957 463270.

Biographies of project personnel

Tom Campbell
As the lead consultant on the project, and creator and inspiration behind the North Coast 500, Tom is no stranger to invention, re-invention and innovation. What characterises Tom is his ability to make connections where others don’t see them, a skill that led to North Coast 500 achieving a brand reach of over 2 billion people. He is highly skilled in strategic planning, stakeholder and business relationship management, and, as a certified mediator, he uses these tools to help create solutions that allow others to understand how seemingly impossible visions can be turned into positive outcomes.

Professor John Lennon
Professor Lennon is the Director of the distinguished Moffat Center for Travel and Tourism Development. He regularly provides expertise to the UK & Scottish Government, VisitScotland & organisations such as Historic Scotland, UN World Tourism Organisation & UNESCO.

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